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Wolverine Football Staff

The story of building a championship program

In this article written by former sports editor, Steve Kelley, Steve examines the coach and our program.

Abstract and link from 2011

"He's such an understated guy, but when he talks, his words carry a lot of weight. He's something, man. Butch reminds me of Don James a little bit. Quiet, very demanding, very disciplined, doesn't raise his voice a lot, but keeps his guys in line. And his teams are a pleasure to watch."

Goncharoff, 47, is old-fashioned, not much different, really, from your favorite math or English teacher. His subject is football, and most Decembers inside the Tacoma Dome he mops off the celebratory dousing from his players and proudly watches from a distance the joyous graduation ceremony in front of him.

"It's all about the here and now for him and not about the future," Mora said. "We don't all have to aspire to the highest level of our profession. I think it's great that he can aspire to be the best high-school coach. I think that's awesome.

"Absolutely he could coach college if he wanted to. But right now he's the best high-school coach in the state, and one of the very best in the nation and that's pretty damn cool."

This time last year, Mora's 9-year-old son told his dad he wanted a Bellevue Wolverines jersey with his name and number on the back for Christmas.

"That just shows you the extent of what Butch has got going," Mora said. "Kids in this area grow up wanting to play for Butch at Bellevue High. He's just created this culture that's perpetual."

He doesn't need a nickname, or a stadium named after him. He doesn't need the bright lights and the well-placed connections. Butch Goncharoff's program endures and these games, these players, this job is sustaining.

Steve Kelley: 206-464-2176 or skelley@seattletimes.com


Wolverine Football Staff and Program Support

Head Coach - Butch Goncharoff

Assistant HC / Offensive Line - Pat Jones

Defensive Coordinator/LB - Matt Coombs

Special Team Coordinator - Jeff Razore

Defensive Backs - John Coombs

Media Relations - Rick Brown

Tight Ends - Richard Brown

Quarterbacks - Mike Fouts

Wide Receiver - Mike Rogers

Defensive Backs - Matt Razore

Linebackers - EJ Savannah

Defensive Line - JR Hasty

Offensive Line - Ashkaan Jaberi

Defensive Line - Connor Mawwhinney

Defensive Backs - Cam Warren 

Defensive Backs - Travis Stanaway

Offensive Line - Dan Cerrillo

Kickers - Greg Hubert

Freshman Head Coach - Neil Buckmaster

Freshman Defensive Coordinator - Bill Jolley

Freshman LBs and WRs - Rich Lane


Band Edd George
Ball Boy Indy Jones
Sports Med Eric Malone
Ball Boy Indy Jones
Sports Med Ric Rieger
Ball Boy Landon Johnson
Statistician Tony Marble
Ball Boy Brandon Gladner
Water Girl Brooklyn Jones
Ball Boy Logan Johnson
Physician Dr Tom Castle
Water Girl Jocelyn Gladner and Nicole Hawk
Ball Boy Brandon Gladner and Cameron Landes
Water Girl Jocelyn Gladner
Cheer Cindy Pardee